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Preschool Assessment of Attachment (PAA): Introduction for low-risk and mild clinical conditions

16 Settembre 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 14 Novembre 2023 @ 5:00 pm BST


Instructor: Patricia Crittenden, PhD; Rebecca Carr-Hopkins as co-trainer.

Dates: 12 days by Zoom: Sept 16-21 & Nov 9-Nov. 14, 2023. Weekly practice assignments between the two sessions.

Time: UK: 1pm-5pm, plus a facilitator meeting. Participants should determine the time in their time zone.

Recorded sessions will be available until the beginning of the next session.

Content: This course teaches children’s self-protective strategies with specific caregivers. It uses the classic Ainsworth Strange Situation Procedure (SSP) upon which all assessments of attachment are based. By applying the SSP to 2-5-year-old children the Preschool Assessment of Attachment (PAA) reveals important advances in children’s self-protective behavior. This is particularly relevant to endangered children or those with behavioral problems.

The PAA marks the beginning of DMM theory and assessment.

There is (a) coding work between the sessions and (b) a requirement to submit 3 PAAs carried out by the course participant; this work must be completed to receive a Certificate for Administering the PAA


  1. Bachelor’s degree; Master’s and doctoral degrees are recommended.
  2. Attachment & Psychopathology.

Language: English.

Benefits to clinicians of taking the PAA course:

  • Provide clarity regarding children’s adaptation and parents’ contribution.
  • Create compassion for both children and their parents
  • Suggest effective therapist-parent strategies to use in treatment
  • Jumpstart the treatment or restart a stalled treatment by clarifying the parent’s experience of their child
  • Enable therapists to find the parents’ ZPD regarding their child
  • Enable therapists to guide parents to discover children’s perspectives and self-protective strategies
  • Permit reliable coders to classify the protective strategies used by children;

Note: coding reliability and earning a coding certificate usually require more effort than this 12-day course.

Cost: $1500

The registration fee covers the course, feedback on participant’s 3 PAAs, practice videos between sessions, and the reliability test (for those whose course performance qualifies them).

Enrolment is not guaranteed until payment is made. Payment must be complete before the course is begun. All payments are non-refundable. Invoicing and receipts involve extra charges.

Registration: Please contact Patricia M. Crittenden, PhD regarding registration ( There is a limited number of participants.

Cancellation: The course may be cancelled if fewer than six people register.


16 Settembre 2023 @ 1:00 pm BST
14 Novembre 2023 @ 5:00 pm BST
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