Psychological Trauma & Resilience:
A Strengths Perspective

ACEs, Attachment, and Trauma: new advances in understanding and treatment’
2020 Emanuel Miller Memorial Lecture and National Conference.

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A discussion about the DMM and Schema Therapy

A talk about DMM and Schema Therapy with Dr. Patricia M. Crittenden, Wendy Behary and Joan Farrell

The Development of Protective Attachment Strategies Across the Lifespan

BPS DCP Annual Conference, Oxford UK, December 5, 2012 – Patricia M Crittenden – Invited Address

Using the DMM of Attachment & Adaptation for Parents’ Treatment Planning

NSPCC talk on Child Neglect, London, UK, March 21, 2012, Dr. Patricia M. Crittenden – Invited address

Interview during the 2nd International Congress JUCONI, November 2012

Dr. Patricia Crittenden in Puebla, Mexico

How can we support the mental health of infants?

Dr. Crittenden talks with Alvaro Pallemares in Santiago, Chile (2010) about early intervention

Dr. Crittenden discusses the concept of depression from a DMM perspective with Dr. Duschinsky

IASA conference in Frankfurt, Germany, September 2012

Interview with Patricia Crittenden by Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid

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Excerpts from an interview of Dr. Crittenden by Chip Chimera in London, England, October 2009

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A 1991 conversation with Mary Ainsworth, July 2009

Mary Ainsworth discusses past and future trends in attachment research.