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Transition to Adulthood Attachment Interview for 16-25-year-olds for normative & mild clinical condition – online training

09 Novembre 2024 - 20 Marzo 2025

From $1300

The TAAI is an adaptation of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) for emerging adults. Unlike the AAI, it does not presume cortical maturity, nor experience as a partner in a committed relationship nor as a parent. Instead, the questions and analysis are tied to adolescent brain maturity during the period of early sexual relationships, increasing independence from parents, and establishment of an adult family. Because this decade involves many major changes, the course is taught in three agedefined parts, each lasting 6 days.

Participants may take Weeks 1 and 3 separately; Week 2 must be preceded by Week 1. A separate advanced clinical course addresses serious clinical conditions


  • Week 1, 16-17-year-olds: Nov 9-14, 2024
  • Week 2, 18-20-year olds: Jan. 4-9, 2025
  • Week 3,  21-25-year-olds: March 15-20, 2025

In addition, there are weekly practice assignments between the scheduled weeks, with work due by email on Wednesdays and Sundays. Each participant is also expected to produce 1 TAAI that they administer for each week of the course; feedback is given on interviewing and a Certificate of Interviewing can be earned.


  • Sydney: 2am* – 6am* (*the next day), plus a facilitator meeting
  • China: 11pm – 3am*, plus a facilitator meeting
  • CET: 4pm-8pm, plus a facilitator meeting
  • UK: 3pm-7pm, plus a facilitator meeting
  • EST: 10am-2pm, plus a facilitator meeting
  • PST: 7am-11am , plus a facilitator meeting

Location: Your home, by Zoom.

Instructors: Patricia Crittenden, PhD, a co-trainer and facilitators.

Prerequisite: Course participants must have taken Adult Attachment Interview  course, but reliability is not required.

Language: English, but the TAAI assignment may be completed in other languages.

Content: This course uses the discourse analysis for the AAI, for normative and (mild) out-patient clinical applications, with a different interview (the TAAI) and modified classificatory guidelines suited to the transition to adulthood. There is a requirement to submit 2 transcribed TAAIs carried out by the course participant (1 normative and 1 mild clinical). This work must be completed to receive a certificate for attending the course and administering the TAAI (for example, for court evaluations). A didactic Advanced Clinical Course may be offered later for more serious clinical and forensic applications. A reliability test will follow that course (and not this course).

Cost: There are several options and reductions for early registration and multiple weeks.

  1. All 3 weeks = $3600; $3000 if payment is received by August 31, 2024.
  2. Week 1 or Week 3 alone = $1500; $1300 if payment is received by August 31, 2024
  3. Weeks 1 & 2 only = $2600; $2200 if payment is received by August 31, 2024

The registration fee covers the course, plus feedback on interviewing quality of the participant’s TAAIs. Enrolment is not guaranteed until payment is made. Payment must be complete before the course is begun. All payments are non-refundable. Invoicing and receipts involve extra charges.

Registration: Please contact Patricia M. Crittenden, PhD regarding registration ( There is a limited number of participants. The course may be cancelled if fewer than six people register; please note that when purchasing flights.


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